About HFC

40 Years of Trucking & Freight

It all started in the late 1970s, my father bought a 1969 Freightliner to keep busy in the winter months when he was not farming. Hauling grain from Iowa down to Missouri seemed to be a good start for the farmer in him. Shortly after my grandfather, now retired from the Air Force, and passing the mantel of full time farmer down to my father, was looking for something to keep himself busy.

With his love to travel, a cousin who drove truck, and a son that now owned one, he himself became intrigued. He went out and purchased a 1973 Freightliner and hauled a few loads of grain. He quickly realized he wanted to go long haul, so he leased his truck to the flat bed company that his cousin worked for and the journey began. Not long after, my father also moved his truck over and also pulled over the road. Over the next few years and many trucks purchased, drives hired, family and friends added to the mix, trucking was now in our family DNA.

Watching this unfold from my birth, I was born into it. When asked, my mom would say my first word was 'daddy' and my second was 'truck.' Through the 80s and 90s many changes came with this ever changing world to the industry. With farming still the family goal, the decision was made to sell the trucks as they came open without a driver, or even offered to the driver. I was heartbroken to see them leave. I was getting older and quickly found myself busy with school work, helping to farm, and just growing up. Soon I found myself graduated from high school, married, and working at a factory job full time to pay bills. It quickly got on my radar that a full time day job was making farming difficult, and remembering what my dad had done, I started talking to my family about buying a truck and using it as my new income source. Everyone agreed it could be a good option, but only after I went out and tried it for a year first.

Once I became of age to drive, dad landed me a job with a friend that still ran trucks from back when he did. I learned a lot that first year, from handling my equipment, log books, maintenance and repairs; to "where the heck is Maryland?" As my first year was coming to a close, I agreed to stay the course, so walking hand in hand with my parents they helped us purchase our first truck, a 1996 Peterbilt. Knowing people in the trucking industry they also had someone for me to talk to about leasing my truck on with, and on my 22nd birthday my father and I delivered our first load in Utah. Working hard and saving everything we could back for the truck I purchased my first trailer and soon after an additional truck for a friend that I taught to drive.

I quickly realized my calling and business purpose, to give good people an honest, caring, and dedicated place to work, a home. In those long nights to the west coast HFC was born in my heart over the CB radio with my driver as we planned and dreamed. I quickly began the paperwork to make HFC a reality and there I was 23 years old and HFC was born. With only two trucks, no direct customers, and many bumps in the road, we kept pushing forward. We set up a small office in our home and went to work. For the next several years we had several business failures but educational successes. With every new person we met a new door was opened. Our relationships and reputation began to grow, and so did we.

Along the way our mission and values have never changed, and today our team members of operators, office staff, and our many customers are still are our priority to serve. We always evaluate today, and look for ways tomorrow to better serve our team and our customers. We have come a long way today with new equipment, new technology, and we are always looking at what is next for tomorrow to make HFC better in the future.

Our Team

Heath Focht

President & General Manager

Nichole Focht

Vice President

Paul Schroder

Accounting Officer

Denny Foote

HR/Safety Director & Assistant GM

Brian Buffamonte

Commodity Agent

Josh Gates


Ashley Focht

Logistics Coordinator

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