December 18, 2023

Four Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Trucking Partner for Your Business

 Keeping your inventory well-stocked is paramount to the success of your business.  You need to partner with a trucking expert who will do everything in its power to deliver your products safely, swiftly, and consistently. 


But how do you select your Iowa trucking partner or Omaha freight service? Consider these four characteristics of a transportation company you can rely on.


1.     Possesses a diverse fleet and specialized services. Different products require different transport solutions.  HFC Transport has a versatile fleet of trucks so we can tailor our service to your needs.  We offer dry can trucking and freight as well as reefer trucking and refrigerated freight services. Our fleet includes food grade equipment, machinery to handle hazmat and other special requirements, and trucks to tackle secure and sensitive time loads. 


“One thing… I've come to appreciate is that they have GOOD EQUIPMENT. They know what they're doing.” -Robert Satrom


2.     Offers customized solutions for different industries and customer needs.  Every load has a special requirement, and you need reliable freight management that will adapt service to each shipment.  HFC Transport has invested in high-caliber equipment and talent to accommodate your request for consistent freight runs, a single shipment, or fluctuating seasonal needs. Our dry van trucking and freight is perfect for non-perishable food and beverage, textile and clothing, and plastic and building products.  Our reefer trucking and refrigerated freight provides temperature control for fresh produce, meats, beverages, flowers, and plants. 



3.     Provides customer service excellence. When you entrust your business’s life blood – your products – to a trucking company, you need to keep close tabs on your investment. We believe communication is key to a successful partnership.  That’s why HFC Transport takes an extremely proactive approach to communicating with our clients.  You will know where your shipment is every step of the way.  We take care of you so you can take care of your clients. 



4.    Adheres to strict safety and compliance standards. When you consider your employees and clients to be family, you are protective of them.  The safety of our drivers and our loads is a priority at HFC Transport. We are local trucking experts with an impeccable safety record that is 40-years strong. We adhere to all industry regulations and safety protocols, giving you peace of mind that your goods will be delivered on time, and undamaged.  


“I trust him (Heath) to deliver no matter what the task.” -Chris Rausch



Above all, do your research.  Entrust your products to a company like HFC Transport with a proven record of excellent customer service and communication, a strong commitment to safety standards, top-of-the-line equipment to meet your unique shipping needs, and a belief that clients aren’t just clients but family.


We’re HFC Transport, trucking solutions experts serving Iowa and the Omaha metro area.