January 22, 2024

HFC Transport: Ahead of the Trucking Technology Trends

As with most industries, technology is reshaping the transportation and logistics industry.  It is a key driver (no pun intended) of efficient, accurate, and safe operations. 


Automation, central to recent technology advancements, boasts many benefits.  It:

·      Boosts efficiency

·      Streamlines operations

·      Mitigates errors

·      Optimizes resource use

·      Increases safety


Keeping current with the latest technology trends is one example of when it’s advantageous to keep up with the Jones.


“HFC Transport offers a wide range of cutting-edge technologies to ensure the efficiency, safety, and security of our operations,” says Lew Carman, MBA, director of operations and strategist at HFC Transport. 

Four standout examples include:


1.     GPS: We take for granted easy access to Global Positioning Systems, or GPS.  It’s in our personal vehicles and available on our smart devices.  For transportation and logistics companies, though, it is more than a convenience.  It’s vital in reducing fuel costs, saving time, increasing driver safety, and enhancing customer satisfaction.  All HFC Transports’ trucks and trailers are equipped with GPS tracking.


Transportation Management Systems (TMS) leverages GPS technology to calculate the most efficient routes and provide real-time tracking for both HFC and its customers for proactive issue resolution and end-to-end transparency.  


2.     AI Camera Technology: “Our forward-facing AI cameras are a standout feature of our technology suite,” Lew says. Capable of monitoring up to 150 data points per second, they provide drivers invaluable information on the road ahead. 

AI cameras:

·      Prevent accidents, identifying hazardous conditions and sudden stops.

·      Mitigate disputes, providing clear, unbiased documentation of incident events, like accidents and disputes. 

For instance, when other drivers not affiliated with HFC Transport cause an accident and cast blame, AI cameras exonerate HFC drivers.  Over the past 12 years, 98% of incidents have been resolved thanks to the forward-facing cameras.


“This technology has been a game-changer for us, reinforcing our commitment to driver safety and enhancing the overall quality of our services,” Lew adds.


3.     ELD System with GeoFencing:  HFC Transport’s ELD System automate driver departures and arrivals to eliminate costly delays and ensure compliance with regulations, all while keeping drivers up to date on all required forms.  An added bonus? Streamlined paperwork.  Because nobody likes doing extra paperwork!


4.     Data Security: Data is gold.  HFC Transport protect it like the commodity that is it.  “Our robust measures ensure that all data is safeguarded from unauthorized access or breaches,” Lew says, to protect sensitive operational information and customer and driver data.  


Providing our drivers and customers with the best transportation and logistics experience is our reason to be at HFC Transport.  We leverage innovative, trailblazing technology to streamline our processes, bolster efficiency and increase profits, and protect our drivers and their cargo.  


We’re HFC Transport, trucking solutions experts providing local trucking expertise for Iowa and the Omaha metro area.