February 14, 2024

Cool Facts About Our Refrigerated Freight Services

We take a strong customer-centric approach to our business at HFC Transport.  Our customers are our reason to be, after all, and so our experienced team is dedicated to serving them with excellence and offering cutting-edge technology.  This includes refrigerated freight, a crucial part of the supply chain.

Temperature-controlled shipping creates tremendous value.  The top benefits are:


·      Provides fresh, safe products from harvest and production to consumer purchase 

·      Protects goods that may melt, perish, or be damaged from heat

·      Touches on many products – meat and seafood, produce, pharmaceuticals, flowers, sensitive electrons, and more

·      Drives (pun intended) economic growth by allowing businesses to expand their product offerings and increase market reach


HFC is our choice for refrigerated freight!


·      Climate-controlled fleet: Our cutting-edge technology includes refrigerated trailers equipped to maintain precise temperature control to prevent spoilage, ensure product freshness, and extend product shelf life.

·      Tank-Endorsed drivers: Our conscientious, knowledgeable drivers conduct frequent internal temperature checks and verify thermometers and equipment are functioning as they should. Plus, they are experienced in driving complex loads, such as chemical transport.

·      Extensive network of strategic partners: We believe the stronger the network, the more efficient the run. Our network offers seamless logistics that unite carriers and partners across the nation.

·      Dedicated team: HFC excels at safe, on-schedule shipping, with our experienced logistics team specializing in managing refrigerated cargo.

·      Cutting-edge technology: We are at the forefront of industry trends and technology, including real-time monitoring through GPI monitoring, shipment status reports, AI camera technology, and data security.

Whether you are a local business seeking temperature-controlled transport in the Sidney, Iowa area or a national company looking for a trusted cold chain logistics partner, HFC has you covered with its state-of-the-art refrigerated freight.