March 18, 2024

Trucker Time Off: A Few Tips

Truckers enjoy an independent lifestyle.  Schedule flexibility and freedom are two strong occupational draws; there is a reason most truckers opt for a rig over a cubicle, after all. 

Still, the open road can be demanding, and free time during and between hauls is precious.  In this month’s blog, HFC Transport shares practical tips and ideas for truckers to make the most of their downtime while on the road.  Relaxation and personal growth aren’t just for when you’re home; they can happen on the highways and interstates of your runs, too!


Healthy Habits on the Road

Long hauls do not have to interrupt your healthy habits from home.

·      Incorporate fitness routines that are simple to work into your schedule.  Packable equipment, like resistance bands, light dumbbell sets, jump ropes, or even foldable rowing machines are easy to store and can be used at a moment’s notice. You can also consider joining a national gym with franchises across the country.  

·      Proper nutrition is important.  Eat regularly and don’t skip meals.  Prepping meals during downtime is a healthy and low-cost way to eat on the road. 

·      Get enough sleep – 8 hours!  You’ll feel much more alert on the road and better overall.

·      Long days – or weeks – on the road can tax.  Give yourself a boost and freshen up in whatever town you land.  Get a haircut, have your beard trimmed… heck, get a massage! 


Truckers’ Portable Hobbies

Yes, your space is limited in a cab, but your options aren’t.  

·      Books are great company at the end of the day, and eBooks and audiobooks save even more space than the old-fashioned bound copy.

·      Feel the need to tease your brain after a long day spent staring at the road ahead?  Puzzles are perfect.  Sudoku, crossword, Wordle, Connections, the options are endless... and several sites, like NYT Games, offer free online versions for maximum convenience.

·      Art is the perfect way to unwind.  Take up drawing, writing, photography – there are numerous how-to videos available online.  Let the change in scenery inspire you to chronicle your travels creatively through photos and sketches.

·      If you are a nature lover, consider birdwatching, hiking trails, or learning about local flora and fauna. 


Educational Opportunities Abound

We live in an age where learning is not confined to traditional school settings.  Turn your cab into a classroom by:

·      Listening to podcasts on topics that interest you.  There is a wealth of information made accessible through fun and educational podcasts and video series.  

·      Many universities offer free classes online, an economical and engaging way to learn about subjects that you never had the chance to pursue in school.  

·      Learn a new language, courtesy of language apps like Duolingo.


Exploring and Sightseeing while Trucking 

You have the perfect job for adventure.  Have truck, will travel!

·      Check out local attractions. (Hello, Biggest Ball of Twine!) 

·      Our country has enviable – and diverse – natural wonders.  Venture off the beaten path to take in scenic spots.

·      Find out where the locals eat for some home-away-from-home cooking – and be sure to order pie!

·      Then, be sure to share your discoveries with others to encourage their adventures.


Staying Connected

Speaking of sharing discoveries, it’s important to keep in contact with family and friends back home while you are gone.  Luckily, this is easier than ever– no snail mail required!

·      Social media is a quick way to get updates from home and offer loved ones snapshots of your days away.

·      Are you a gamer?  Enjoy some interactive online play with your friends or children. 

·      Of course, phone calls are always an option, but video calls at the end of the day are a more intimate way to say goodnight.


Mindfulness and Relaxation

Alleviate stress and promote well-being in a myriad of ways.

·      Deep breathing, including 4-7-8 breathing, box breathing, and alternate nostril breathing, calm the central nervous system.  YouTube offers a huge catalog of videos that will guide you through the practice of your choice. 

·      And while you are scrolling through YouTube, check out a meditation video or two.

·      Mindfulness means paying close attention to whatever activity you are currently doing.  Eating? Savor the flavors instead of shoveling in your food.  Driving? (Of course you are.) Take in the changing scenery, noting how the landscape changes with the terrain and with the seasons.

·      Listen to music.  Better yet, sing along.  At the top of your lungs.  No one is there to judge (or critique your choice of tunes.)

·      Journal.  “Get rid” of frustrations by moving them out of your head and onto paper. 



Cab Organization Benefits

You spend time maintaining your equipment.  Why not your living space, too?  Your cab is small.  Keeping it neat can have a huge impact on your mood.

·      Invest in some organizational tools.  Store books and magazines in back-seat organizers.   Collapsible holders and trays hold cleaning supplies, Kleenex, etc.  Trash and recycling containers help maintain a tidy space. 

·      Electronic mounts keep your phone, laptop, tablet, and GPS device handy.  

·      Storage lock boxes secure valuables.

·      Hooks and hangers are not only great for clothes but are also good options for items you want to access easily.

Try taking a look online to see what hacks other truckers have developed to keep their space tidy! 


Family is at the center of HFC Transport.  We are a family-owned and operated trucking company; our employees are part of this family, and we treat them as such.  Understanding that trucking is a demanding profession with long hours, often spent alone, we support a healthy work-life balance that fosters personal growth and well-being.  Whether you’re an experienced truck driver or contemplating a career in the transport industry, our goal is to assist you in getting the most out of your breaks and enhancing your experience on and off the road.  

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