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Reefer Trucking & Refrigerated Freight by HFC Near Omaha NE

Whether you have consistent freight needs, a single shipment or needs that fluctuate with the seasons, we can provide a customized shipping solution to meet your service needs and budget.

We know that communication and execution can help your operations dramatically, which is why we pride ourselves in not only delivering on time and within requirements, but we work hard to pro-actively communicate and report along the way.

If you're looking for a refrigerated freight company, please reach out today for a quote.

  • Food Grade Equipment
  • Hazmat or Special Requirements
  • Secure & Time Sensitive Loads

HFC blue semi truck refrigerated freight

Keeping Promises & Spectacular Communication

Our clients tell us three things:

  1. We always come through
  2. We keep you in the loop
  3. We have specialized abilities

1 - Book with HFC, and We’ll Come Through.

Our customers for refrigerated freight need to know that when they book a truck, it won’t get cancelled, bumped, or delayed.  It should be a given, but our reputation precedes us because of the way we keep our promises.

2 - We Keep You In the Loop

We know your business can be more profitable when we keep you in the loop for precisely what’s going on with your shipment.  Ask any of our clients, we pride ourselves in proactive communication about your truckload.

3 - A Specialized Crew & Equipment

We’ve invested in high-caliber equipment and talent. We’ve got you covered with top technology.

What you Get with HFC Refrigerated Freight:

  • E-Track Rails for Load securement
  • Drivers with Tank Endorsement for freight, like bulk chemical transport
  • Drop Trailer Pool-shipping for convenience
  • Trailer Tracking to know where your shipment is at all times
  • Seal Locking - Custom keyed locks to keep your trailer and shipment secure

Temperature Controlled Refrigerated Freight For:

Non-perishable foods and beverages
Textile and clothing items
Plastic and building products
Fresh Produce
Are you a logistics manager or wholesale produce, meat, or commodity broker looking for a reliable and high-integrity shipping solution? We’d be honored to connect. Please reach out and make us aware of any needs you might have for your refrigerated, temperature controlled shipping in the lower 48 states.

You will not be disappointed!

Class act!!! Heath and his wife are professional and courteous! You will not be disappointed! We have been doing business with HFC for 10+ years and look forward to many more!!!!!


40 Years of Trucking & Freight

FTL Refrigerated Freight

Looking for Refrigerated Freight, temperature controlled shipping, or "reefer" trucking? HFC Transport specializes in frozen and chilled freight.

FTL Dry Van Freight

Dry Van semi-trailers are the shipping industry standard. We offer clean, fully enclosed, secure transport options.

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FTL Refrigerated Freight

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